[Openais] possible leak?

Steven Dake sdake at mvista.com
Wed Sep 22 18:17:36 PDT 2004

I was finishing up the expiration and duration timers for the checkpoint
service.  During that effort I found a leak in the timer list (ugh!) but
it was easily fixed.

During my stress tests with valgrind and all test applications, I came
across this possible leak in the event service:

==823== 276 bytes in 1 blocks are possibly lost in loss record 10 of 15
==823==    at 0x1B902D9B: malloc (vg_replace_malloc.c:131)
==823==    by 0x804FB7D: create_channel (evt.c:449)
==823==    by 0x804FC7C: evt_open_channel (evt.c:498)
==823==    by 0x8050B46: lib_evt_open_channel (evt.c:1449)
==823==    by 0x8049964: poll_handler_libais_deliver (main.c:563)
==823==    by 0x8053B91: poll_run (aispoll.c:385)
==823==    by 0x804A16C: main (main.c:957)

Is there some logic to free the channel?  I had exited all of the
applications using the channel.

In the checkpoint service, I keep a reference count on the open
checkpoint.  When it reaches zero, I start the retention timer (which
erases the checkpoint eventually).  Is there something like this for the
event service channels?


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