[Openais] I would like to checkin the bitkeeper server .

SAKAI MIYOTAKA sakai.miyotaka at nttcom.co.jp
Wed Sep 8 13:36:43 PDT 2004

Steve ,

I have got the bitkeeper license ,but it is the first time for me to use
Bitkeeper .

I accessed the server which is bk.osdl.org:openais by using the bk clone
command .
I 've got the repository and get all files .

I 've found compiler warning in exec/ckpt.c at line 390 .
I would like to checkin exec/ckpt.c for the first try.

I suppose that you have something to do on the bitkeeper server for
accepting my checkin .
Is that right ?
If it is right ,uould you do me a favor ?
And if you have another advice or warning , please tell me .

thanks .
- Miyotaka Sakai .

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