[Openais] Misc Corrections

Steven Dake sdake at mvista.com
Wed Oct 27 14:15:33 PDT 2004


I made a patch out of your bk so Mark can review the sections for the
eventing service.

Few comments:
The handle database fix is excellent..  I'm surprised we missed that. 
lib/util.c is also affected.

I wont accept the change from O3 to O2 in openais/exec/Makefile.  The
reason is that encryption and authentication perform very poorly without
O3.  In fact, performance drops from 9.2mb / sec to around 6mb/sec on a
1.8ghz cpu.  To see this, use ckptbench which will print out performance
results with two processors.   I like how you explicitly remove the
object filenames instead of all *.o files.  I'll commit this part of the

Thanks for the fix for parse.c.

I'm not sure how __attribute__((format works in print.h.  Could you
explain it a little bit to convince me it is necessary?

typedef changes in ais_types looks good.  Also, I have been working on a
64 bit port of openais and have several other changes to make openais
coexist on 64bit/32 bit architectures at the same time.

The changes look good for the test programs.

Changes to exec/evt.c should be reviewed and committed by Mark so I'll
let him comment on those changes which are minor and obviously do the
same thing (minus the compiler annoyance).

I'll apply all the changes for now except the O3 to O2 conversion and
attribute format and event changes in exec.  If you can help me
understand the __attribute__ format stuff we can apply that too.  Mark,
can you review the evt changes?  I've attached the patch.

Thanks for your work...

On Wed, 2004-10-27 at 13:24, Daniel Stodden wrote:
> hi all.
> this patch contains a number of miscellaneous bugfixes and corrections.
> (steven, sorry this took a little longer (againnn ;) to resend them to
> the list).
> sorry for sending this as a single patch file, i'm still trying to warm
> up with bitkeeper. browse the contained changesets for individual diffs
> and comments. these changes were collected sequentially which seems to
> make it somewhat hard to reorder dependencies in bk, and parts of them
> depend on each other. i'll try to send stuff in shorter sequences in
> future. suppose that's more desireable.
> --snip--
> ChangeSet at 1.102, 2004-10-21 16:42:42+02:00, dns at somacoma.net
>   Fix crasher in config parser.
> ChangeSet at 1.101, 2004-10-21 16:36:20+02:00, dns at somacoma.net
>   Build corrections for cflags and cleaning
> ChangeSet at 1.100, 2004-10-21 02:59:58+02:00, stodden at cs.tum.edu
>   Fixing wrong format strings after correcting Sa*Int*T typedefs.
> ChangeSet at 1.99, 2004-10-21 02:57:40+02:00, stodden at cs.tum.edu
>   Added GNUC format attributes for type-checking printf-style format
> attributes, if available.
>   Fixed format attributes on all log messages.
> ChangeSet at 1.98, 2004-10-21 02:41:28+02:00, stodden at cs.tum.edu
>   simple types in ais_types.h are not 64bit-clean. use stdint instead.
> ChangeSet at 1.97, 2004-10-21 02:37:37+02:00, stodden at cs.tum.edu
>   fix range check: poll_destroy() crashes in saHandleInstanceGet() when
> poll_create() has not been called yet.
> ChangeSet at 1.96, 2004-10-21 02:35:10+02:00, stodden at cs.tum.edu
>   fix gcc3.3+ complaining about type-punning
> --snap--
> regards,
> dns
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