[Openais] RE: AIS A / B spec plans

Chen, Terence terence.chen at intel.com
Tue Oct 26 18:22:33 PDT 2004


Thanks for the update of your project plan. I will update the risk
matrix to down grade these AIS items to Medium Risk for next Monday's


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>Subject: AIS A / B spec plans
>An update on the openais project's AIS B specs plans for the CGL
>standards at risk matrix.
>The openais project will release A.01.01 compliant implmenetation minus
>messaging and distributed locks Q4 of 2004 (or early q1).  We plan to
>release an implementation complianst with B.01.01 (or B.01.02) 
>all services Q2/Q3 of 2005 also hopefully with multipathing 
>support.  Of
>these, multipathing is much more complicated then B support of the
>specifications, but B support is our priority.

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