[Openais] Some basic Q:s

Tor-Erik Malen tor-erik.malen at ericsson.com
Thu Oct 7 22:37:48 PDT 2004

Thanks for your clarifications, some additional info.

br torm

On Thursday 07 October 2004 21:20, Steven Dake wrote:
> >
> > - is there a 1-1 mapping of component and process? seems like the first
> > registered component is "hidden" if one process registers two components.
> A process may have one or more AMF components.  I don't understand what
> you mean by hidden.
It seems like aisexec only does healtcheks on the last registered component. I 
just register the components using the same handle.

> > network.conf trials
> > Got it working by mistake, tried network address but crashed the aisexec
> > when components started to work, a nodes address just made the nodes
> > occasionally detect each other but not considering the other belonging to
> > the cluster. Got it working by mistake when I just put a IP-addr
> > belonging to the network.
> The crash is a bug...  Please let me know your machine network addresses
> and your network.conf that caused openais to crash.  I'd like to fix any
> and all crashes even if caused by misconfiguration.

my openAis network configuration tests

two nodes (real address changed to protect the innocent :-O)
N1 :  Mask:
N2 :  Mask:

Network address for N1/N2 :

bindnetaddr: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

Both N1 and N2 have the same network.conf content

* If set binaddr to N1 
The nodes started. Each reported that they were the only members in the 
cluster. Occasionally N2 reported join message from N1 but did not detect the 
node as belonging to the cluster.

The test programs worked as should in each node

* If set bindaddr to N2
The nodes did not "see" each other, not even a detection of the other's 
messages. However, did not not try the setup too many times so it might just 
be due to statistical reasons.

The test programs worked as should in each node

* If set bindaddr to network addr
Started aisexec but did not log as much about node member and such. When 
started the test program (testamf1 or testamf4) all crashed, yes aisexec and 
the testamfx.

* Paniced, set bind addr to
oops now the nodes identified each other and the cluster had two nodes. 
Started up components, testamf3 on N1 and testamf4 on N2 and jipii the 
components stats changed as if on the same machine.

Working network conf.-

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