[Openais] Re: Some event service code

Sabharwal, Atul atul.sabharwal at intel.com
Thu Jul 29 12:09:36 PDT 2004

ON file load, do se ts=4 would set it in vi. You can store this in
And it will do it at file load automatically.


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>On Wed, 2004-07-28 at 16:13, Steven Dake wrote:
>> Awesome.  Comments below...
>> On Wed, 2004-07-28 at 15:29, Mark Haverkamp wrote:
>> > Here is a patch for the event service.  The library side 
>is pretty far
>> > along. The aisexec side has placeholders that just print 
>something and
>> > return status.  I just wanted to run this by you for a 
>review before I
>> > get too much farther into it.  I hope the coding style 
>isn't too far
>> > off.  I've tried to reuse as much of my existing code as I 
>could.  It's
>> > almost 2800 lines so rather than attach it, I put it here:
>> > 
>> > 
>> > 
>> > Thanks,
>> > Mark.
>> Mark
>> Wow I must say I am impressed.  Excellent work !!
>> Thanks for the dependencies..  That was driving me crazy 
>when I edited
>> the h files.
>> I do have a few comments of course :)
>> On the library:
>> I'd like the tabstops to look good at 4.  I think you are 
>using tabstops
>> of 8.  This is a minor thing.  I think there is a way to tell vi to
>> force tabstops when it loads a file.  Do you know how this works?
>I've always used tabstops of 8.  I didn't notice that your code was set
>up for tabs at 4 since your code seems to look OK at 8. I 
>don't know how
>to set the tabstops at file load.  I think that there were some kernel
>files that had some emacs comments to do that, I'm not sure about vi.
>It looks like the only thing that looks funny is that the structure
>declarations don't line up well at 4.    I'll run through the files and
>line things up. 
>> we could probably put clust_time_now in ais_util.h/.c
>Is that util.[ch] in the lib directory or new files?
>> In initialize, SaServiceConnect should free the queue allocated with
>> saQueueInit if there is an error.
>> In channel open, you don't do a handle put if handlecreate fails
>> in channel close, the first handle instance isn't put if the second
>> handle instance get fails.
>Thanks, I knew that I probably missed a few things like that here and
>> All functions not specifically exported should be static: patt_size,
>> aispatt_to_evt_patt, filt_size, aisfilt_to_evt_filt
>Good idea.  I normally try to do this.
>> I know some of the code in clm, amf, checkpointing may not 
>follow these
>> static guidelines, so if you see anything in any of the code, let me
>> know so I can fix it up.
>> It might help parallel style a little bit if the header names are
>> "header" vs ico_head, etc.  This definately isn't a big deal though.
>The thing that I like about the prefix names is that when I use cscope
>to browse the source code, I can easily distinguish different structure
>> You will have to change your executive handlers to take the struct
>> in_addr parameter in the latest tree.
>> One big problem to be avoided is duplicating services in several
>> places.  When I started openais some time ago, I had
>> amfComponentRegister, and there were two versions.  One for 
>the library
>> which registered a component, and one for the executive.  
>This creates a
>> race condition.  If you send the message over the executive 
>and handle
>> the request in one place "in your TODO: Add open code here" the race
>> conditions can be avoided  This can be applied all over the 
>Could you explain this again?  I'm not sure I understand what you are
>saying here.
>> If you can fix up the library comments I'll merge that as 
>one patch, or
>> if you want to wait for the entire thing we can.
>I'll update the code and send out another patch for you to merge,
>probably this afternoon.  Then I'll start filling in the server side
>code and send updates as things get working.  If that sounds OK.
>> I'm looking forward to see the remainder of the executive service
>> handler.
>Thanks for the review.
>> Regards
>> -steve
>Mark Haverkamp <markh at osdl.org>

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