[Openais] RE: GMI across a router

Sabharwal, Atul atul.sabharwal at intel.com
Tue Jul 20 01:02:46 PDT 2004

>I have not tried gmi within a routed environment.  I would assume this
>should work, as long as your routes are not over long haul 
>networks.  If
>they were over long haul networks, the timeouts in gmi would be too
>short, which would cause partitions and remerges.
>I am not sure what exactly you need of the kernel software.  Reading
>some google hits, you may need some routing software running on the
>Linux machine.  It appears you may also need a multicast route.

I configured the kernel but ping to would not get response
>From all nodes. If I did ping -I eth0, all nodes on eth0
Responded. If I did ping -I eth1 all nodes in the multicast
Group on eth1 responded. The ip_forward flag in proc was set to 1
And IP multicast routing and IP tunneling was set. I even installed
Mrouted but same result. I did not the Cisco PIM protocol which needs
>One test to see if your router is working properly is to ping the
>multicast config group.  You should get responses from every machine on
>each side of the router.  On startup, the linux kernel on every one of
>these nodes joins the group address and ping responds to
>packets to that address.
>unix# ping (this is the multicast config address)

What should the routing table on the router look like :
( unicast routing worked fine ). eth0 eth1   eth0   eth1 eth0 eth1 

OR  eth0  eth1
( rest being same as above ).

Any tips on how to configure it correctly ?



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