[Openais] Use of unicast socket

Sabharwal, Atul atul.sabharwal at intel.com
Fri Jul 16 15:20:08 PDT 2004

Hi Steve,

I noticed that the GMI library listens to a unicast as well as a
multicast socket
As given in Bindnet and McastPort.  Why does it listen to the unicast
socket ?
There is no unicast messaging API. Also, if its for internal use, should
Not be a UnicastPort.

Also, noticed that both the SrcPort & DstPort for multicast messages are
set to
McastPort. This is a bug and would not allow for multiple instances of
Using GMI. Also, if GMI was configured for a cluster which had a NAT
In the middle, this would be a problem. Although, I am not aware of use
Feasibility of IP multicast across NAT modules but theoretically, it
Be possible.



P.S:  All opinions are my personal opinion(s) & responsibility and do
not represent the view of my employer ( Intel Corporation ).

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