[Openais] RE: Request for API change

Sabharwal, Atul atul.sabharwal at intel.com
Fri Jul 9 17:37:38 PDT 2004

>This is not really possible in a secure way with the gmi, because gmi
>may recover a lost message from a processor other then itself and
>remulticast it (as though it were from the original node).  This could
>be done insecurely by sending with every message the s_addr of the
>originator of the message.
I guess insecure would be the way to go. 

>Hence it may not be immediately useful for all applications (in fact
>even in openais it is not always used), but is definately useful for

That should be fine.

>There is another approach which can be used without alot of changes to
>gmi.  In the iovector gmi_mcast'ed, the sin_addr.s_addr could be stored
>(as the source of the message).  This is fairly simple by 
>adding another
>iovector at the end of your iovector and storing your ip 
>address in that

Having the IP address in an extra vector would work otherwise you
Would have to change code all over the place.



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