[Openais] Re: just looked at some of the openais code, have some comments

Chris Friesen cfriesen at nortelnetworks.com
Tue Jul 6 12:11:18 PDT 2004

Steven Dake wrote:

> A new handle cannot be taken from the handle array if the state is
> "pending" it can only be taken if it is "empty".  So this keeps handles
> that are still referenced from being reused.

Okay, makes sense.  As long as anyone has a handle, the refcount won't be zero, 
so the handle can't get re-used.

> I'd like to get rid of the refcount and mutex from the instance
> structure, since its more of a handle management issue (that the handle
> management functions care about), then something the user of the handle
> management APIs care about.

I guess that conceptually it is the handle that is being refcounted.  Okay, 
makes sense.  And it reduces the amount of locking necessary, which is nice.

> Take a look at the latest patch it should embody most of your ideas.

Just looked at it, I don't see any major gotchas.  I still don't really like the 
activatePoll() thing, but I don't have any good ideas how to replace it at the 

I notice you fixed the clm comment too...

I think you should submit it.  Any further changes would be easier with this as 
a base.


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