[lsb-discuss] Whither Java and the LSB | Linux Developer Network

Robert Schweikert rschweikert at novell.com
Fri Jun 4 07:27:47 PDT 2010

On 06/02/2010 11:28 AM, George Kraft wrote:
>> The application checker will not support Java applications for this release.
> Is this a goal?  Doesn't Sun/Oracle have a program/process for that?
> http://ldn.linuxfoundation.org/article/wither-java-and-lsb

In addition to some technical inaccuracies in this article the author
also neglects that there are legal hurdles to including Java in the LSB
and name it Java. The certification of Java, i.e. for an implementation
to be allowed to call itself Java, is controlled by Sun/Oracle. AFAIK
this has not changed since Oracle acquired Sun. Further the Java
certification test suite is not open source. Last but not least at some
point in the past there was cost associated with getting an
implementation of Java certified.

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