[lsb-discuss] LSB conf call notes for 2008-07-30

Jeff Licquia jeff at licquia.org
Thu Jul 31 19:50:36 PDT 2008

Attendees: Jeff Licquia, Jesper Thomschultz, Darren Davis, Stew 
Benedict, Vojtech Pavlik, Mats Wichmann, Alexey Khoroshilov, Ted Tso, 
Kay Tate

Darren: Submitted last week's questions to the feature tracker, have not 
heard answers to questions raised yet; engineers are busy.  Jeff: is the 
feature tracker public?  Darren: Fate is the feature tracker for 
openSuSE; just made available externally.  Need Novell website user ID. 
  Once in, search for "LSB".  Jeff: also need to make sure we are 
involved in the project for that in SuSE.

Debian?  Jeff: in etch and sid (3.1.1-2).  Maintainer is Stuart 
Anderson.  Not sure why it's not in lenny.  Mats: Stuart had asked if 
there was any interest in bringing it up to speed.

Fedora?  Mats: no one has worked on it.  Ted: probably want to do 
something short-term.  Can we get anything into Fedora 10?  Mats: 
probably too late for F10, probably can get into F11.  Ted: probably 
best to get 4.0 things into Fedora.  Jeff: agree.

Ted: next question is: does Stuart need help?  Mats: sounds like he's 
otherwise busy, so wouldn't mind patches sent his way.

Ted: SuSE goals?  Vojtech: not unrealistic to target SLES, as long as 
the engineering tasks are understood.  Ted: timeline?  Vojtech: not sure 
how much can be shared.  Ted: late November?  Vojtech: probably too 
late, need to check with other engineers whether a pre-release would be 
OK.  Would be interesting in getting anything we can integrated.  Ted: 
might be nice to review current code, esp. for new App Checker, if time 
permits.  Vojtech: may be able to.

Jeff: web site issues?  Ted: Brian is hard at work at getting docs done 
well enough for a launch last week.  (ldn.linuxfoundation.org)  Not 
ready just yet, lots of holes still to fill in, but some of it is there.

Jeff: feature freeze on Aug 1?  Mats: had been under the working 
assumption is end of August, not end of July.  Ted: how much would have 
to be dropped if we froze tomorrow?  Probably a lot.  Mats: yes, a few 
things pending.  Ted: original idea was to start bugfixing on Aug 1, 
beta 1 two months later, next beta in October.  Could go to Aug 31, but 
then only would have a month for bug fixes before first beta.  Kay: not 
always clear what the definitive tasks are.  Mats: lots of pieces to be 
updated.  The Navigator is most up-to-date regarding implemented stuff. 
  There are bugs for things in Navigator but missing details.  Jeff: 
also, task status in ProjectPlan40.  Kay: looking for more interfaces 
and details.  Ted: Navigator is best place for that.

Ted: how are we doing?  Would it be worth adding a month to features? 
Mats: lots to do, not necessarily splitting out new vs. bugs.  Jeff: 
most P1 bugs are bugs, not features.  Looks like ALSA, printing 
enhancements, RPM spec.  Ted: Berlin, printing spec may need to be 
postponed.  Downside for printing?  Jeff: mostly interest from driver 
vendors.  Ted: it seems we should close up things in progress rather 
than start new stuff.  Mats: seems like that's what we were doing. 
Jeff: ALSA and RPM?  Ted: RPM in progress (Stew's build tool plus bugs).

Jeff: so ALSA is the only non-started project.  Ted: test suites?  Jeff: 
only libchk.  Stew: appbat app, too.  Ted: ISPRAS working on it? 
Alexey: nothing short-term, more long-term.  2009.  Ted: probably won't 
have tests for ALSA in LSB 4; what to do?  Mats: PulseAudio discussion? 
  Ted: no, not yet.  Should probably split the table, move stuff we're 
not doing to a second table.  Mats and Jeff will do that.  Jeff: still 
want to consider ALSA.  Ted: question is how wimpy the test suite is.

Jeff: summary, Ted: do a checkpoint two weeks from now, to see that the 
features are getting in. Jeff: agenda item for August 13th call?  Ted: 
yes.  Mats: Java is also an issue.  Ted: issues with Java?  Mats: which 
spec?  Required methods, classes, etc.  Test suite question is also a 
big deal.  Ted: should follow up on these issues before Ron gets back.

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