[lsb-discuss] LSB conf call notes for 2008-01-02

Jeff Licquia jeff at licquia.org
Wed Jan 2 08:44:40 PST 2008

Attendees: Mats, Robert, Dan Kohn, Michael Schultheiss, Sam, George 
Kraft, Jeff, Stew, Alexey, Marvin, Russ Herrold

Happy New Year to everyone!  Refresh from the status last year before 
the holidays.  Aiming for a LSB 3.2 release mid-month.

Autobuilders an issue.  Marvin: need to migate off his pid to a generic 
one, set up so anyone can kick off the commands to build a release. 
Also, ia32 not available outside of IBM.  Jeff: xen, or extra box? 
Marvin: can set up in a day once the basic machine is done.  Mats: might 
be quicker to put the chroot on a box somewhere, x86_64 or some other 
random box.  Jeff will talk to David about box availability.  Marvin 
will do the tarball in preparation for the new box.

Spec build done before the break.  Mats: some tweaks in snapshots, may 
be good to have for a new beta.  Waiting for appropriate copyright 
frontmatter for material that isn't LSB core.  Could add the right names 
to the generic frontmatter, but need that info.  Jeff: for CUPS, 
probably Apple.

Beta 2 build.  Mats: do we need a new drop?  Jeff: yes, but when?  Stew: 
nothing major left except possibly printing tests w/ system cupsd on his 
plate, IBM tests?  Everyone agrees new IBM tests should be deferred. 
Jeff: maybe take today to make sure nothing was forgotten, build 
tomorrow, announce Friday.  If something comes up, let us know on IRC/lists.

Release mid-month doable?  Marvin: RC next week?  Do a beta or RC1 this 
week?  Jeff: beta on 4th, RC on 11th, release on 18th?  Seems workable.

Russ: LANANA?  Dan: we engaged them, got some responses; need to update. 
  What do people want?  Proposed that the LF administer, the original 
people set policy.  Russ: responsiveness is the major issue, bug open 
for a year and a half.  No visibility; no tracker, no way to know that 
they're being listened to.  Dan: possible political issues.  Jeff: had 
suggested a mailing list, seemed acceptable, never got done.

Jeff: LF business, tech call today?  No.

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