[linux-pm] [RFC][PATCH 00/11] Android PM extensions (version 3)

Arve Hjønnevåg arve at android.com
Tue Feb 10 17:49:05 PST 2009

The following patch series adds two apis, wakelock and earlysuspend.
The Android platform uses the earlysuspend api to turn the screen
and some input devices on and off. The wakelock code determines when
to enter the full suspend state.

These apis could also be useful to other platforms where the goal is
to enter full suspend whenever possible.

Changes since the last version:
- The separation between the api and implementation has been removed.
- The user space wakelock api moved from sysfs to a device.
- Moved more wakelock stats code out of the main functions.
- Some other requested cleanup.

Arve Hjønnevåg

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