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Arnd Bergmann arnd at arndb.de
Tue Jun 26 21:19:13 UTC 2012

On Tuesday 26 June 2012, Paul Gortmaker wrote:
> Linus mentioned that perhaps someday we might be able to remove EISA as
> well.  It seems to make sense to me too, given that EISA (at least in
> x86) was largely confined to 486 and 586 (sub-200MHz) server machines,
> and largely all crushed out of existence by PCI around 1996.  But some
> non-x86 boxes may rely on EISA -- such as some Alpha boxes, I think.

Another point on this:

I think the far more interesting one is removing ISA add-on card support.
ISA drivers are much more numerous than EISA ones and were typically
written in times so far back that they don't adhere to any modern coding
standards any more. Very few people still have systems with ISA slots
in them, but some of them are probably quite fond of them ;-)

What I found by looking at Kconfig, these systems might have ISA slots
(at most):

* alpha (all?)
* arm (clps711x, pxa, s3c24xx, footbridge, ebsa-110, sa1100, shark)
* m68k (q40, amiga)
* mips (jazz, sni_rm, sgi_ip2x, fuloong2e, fuloong2f, casio_e55, workpad)
* parisc
* powerpc (prep, chrp)
* x86

I'm pretty sure that a significant subset of these actually only
have PCMCIA and not ISA slots, and some others are also candidates
for removal.
If we find out which of this list actually still matter to someone
who is running current kernels on them, we might be able to just
ask them what cards they own and kill off all the other drivers.


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