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Tue Jun 26 02:16:54 UTC 2012

In response to asking what you can do to help with the linux kernel. I
believe even just communicating with developers is a something that's
greatly lacking.  Here is something that many people have gotten no
response on.
 The Viewsonic Gtablet is a great but older Tegra 2 device that devs
working tirelessly to keep up to date even though support is long gone.
Many developers have worked very hard there efforts culminating to go
through all major android version until the recently came out with ICS.
The problem is that we don't have camera drivers and we aren't even being
told no we just get a great silence. The forum link I posted above is just
one of the many ways that the community has reached out for help and it
hasn't even warranted a response from anyone at nvidia. Even if there are
restrictions that are limiting you from giving us source or even binaries
that would work the community deserves to be told that in a professional
manor instead of being ignored because the not on the bleeding end of
device sporting the newest tegra chips and nvida wants them to blow there
new money on them instead of using ever bit of capacity the tegra 2 has.

Thank you for expressing your want to help the community. Maybe it's the
layers of low level support that users and devs contact and other pieces of
business that stand in between you (and you coworkers) and that community.
In the end though it's still a problem whether the engineers are ignoring
the community because were not using the latest and greatest or if the
engineers just don't know of the problems we have because of lack of
contact no matter how hard we(the community and developers) try.

So again I applaud you asking how to take steps to do more but it will be
the steps the community can see and measure down the road that will truly

Nicholas Wolff

Nwolff | seeker160
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