[Ksummit-2012-discuss] [ATTEND] x86, process scheduler, cpu-hotplug, power/perf

Suresh Siddha suresh.b.siddha at intel.com
Mon Jun 25 19:07:17 UTC 2012

I work on enabling new processor and platform features primarily in the
area of x86 architecture. Arch independent subsystems I contribute to
are primarily process scheduler, irq, timer, cpu-hotplug, iommu

What I would like to discuss: There are number of processor and platform
features (to name a few: Power-Aware Interrupt Routing in x86, ARM's
big.LITTLE architecture, deep c-states, turbo etc) that demand more from
the software than just enabling these HW features for saving power and
enhancing performance in both the mobile and server worlds. We need
different subsystems like the kernel scheduler, timer, irq, cpuidle,
cpufreq  (and in some cases even -mm) to co-ordinate better for taking
optimal advantage of these features. There is some ongoing work in the
community in this area and there is a planned scheduler micro-conference
to go through some of these items. I can provide Intel platform
perspective on any discussions/breakout sessions with other community
folks at the summit.

Also interested in the regression (primarily perf and power) tracking
discussions. As the above subsystems are used in wide variety of
platforms from embedded to servers, it will be nice if we have an
infrastructure to flag any developer what scenarios/flows/workloads they
should be testing (or find the appropriate folks who can help test them)
before publishing the patches. Subsystem maintainers automating these
activities and catching the regression before accepting the patches will
be a good first step :)


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