[Ksummit-2012-discuss] [ATTEND] NVIDIA education, and embedded architectures

michael caron couturier spikemcc at gmail.com
Sun Jun 24 20:24:05 UTC 2012

Some suggestions :

1- Partership with Crossover, most nvidia cards are bought for gaming on
Linux, they are the main contributor to WineHQ that will be the flagship to
follow, do benchmarks on Wine throught openbenchmarking.org and keep media
informed, Phoronix is your path for Linux audience ...

2- Open source driver is not to be forgot, it's needed for old hardware
support and rolling releases distros, the last is just out of reach for
proprietary drivers whatever you would do ...

3- Cuda/OpenCL support is required for businesses and programmers ...

4- Multiples screens setups are not mainstream but widely used, so don't
ditch them ...

5- Release an open source driver for low and mid range cards, and old cards
at least to be on par with Amd ...

6- You may benefit from the open source driver so try to have a license
decent to don't lock Linux developpers and allow Nvidia to reuse added code
if the driver get better than the official one like what happened with the
Amd open source driver ...

7- Don't forget the Arm architecture, if you lose Android smartphones
makers, you lose the face ...

8- Don't try to buy peoples opinions after being pointed has problematic,
this will end in just more bashing against you, appologize, don't explain
and try to improve fast, you lose consumers, the faster you improve, the
better chance you have to end up reversing the move and maybe getting even
more consumers than before ...

9- Nvidia Optimus is your overall biggest fail on Linux, if you want to
impress a lot, make it work under 6 months on Linux, this is where you lose
a lot of professionnals users that are the one that drives the sales when
they give their opinion about your products ...

10- The most useful you are to Linux developpers, the more they will like
you, they are the key to gain professionnals audience ...

Michaël Caron Couturier <http://protocol.by/EntraideNet>
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