[Ksummit-2012-discuss] PCI breakout session

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at kernel.crashing.org
Thu Jun 21 21:18:26 UTC 2012

On Thu, 2012-06-21 at 17:14 -0400, Steven Rostedt wrote:
> > Absolutely. I don't think the mini-summits on day 2 have to be limited
> > to the KS invite list, do they ?
> > 
> I think you mean day 3. As day 1 is on Monday, 2 is on Tuesday, and 3 is
> the overlap with Plumbers. Which I believe will be much more open to the
> public. a

My understanding from Ted's email is that the capped attendance is only
for the "All Kernel Dev. Day" (ie, Day 1).

It doesn't make sense to limit the break out sessions on day 2 if
relevant/interested people happen to be present. But I don't care much
either way as long as we have that PCI session :-)


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