[Ksummit-2012-discuss] [ATTEND] NVIDIA education, and embedded architectures

Stephen Warren swarren at wwwdotorg.org
Wed Jun 20 02:09:58 UTC 2012

I would love to attend the kernel summit this year.

Firstly, I imagine that I should show up in person to accept the award
that Linus gave us a few days back:-)

Things I'd be interested in talking about are:

* Within the constraints I have, what should I and perhaps other NVIDIA
employees be contributing to in the kernel? In a Google+ comment, Linus
noted that we have mainly been contributing patches for Tegra SoC
infra-structure details. I'm curious what other areas people might
expect me/NVIDIA to contribute to. I assume the issue is mainly the lack
of open support for the graphics-related parts of our HW, but perhaps
there's some expectation that we'd also start helping out some core area
of the kernel too? Would that kind of thing help our image even if we
didn't open up our HW?

* Are there any new/novel ideas I could take back to NVIDIA to help
persuade any kind of opening up? I'd be happy to feed anything
interesting up the chain.

* Unrelated to all that, I'm generally interested in any kind of
architecture discussions related to embedded-style boards, e.g. the best
device/data/API structures for representing complex boards without
enumerable buses, modular boards (MFD-style objects that represent whole
plugin boards?), interactions with device tree, etc. I'd personally love
to be more involved in areas such as these, although I usually find it
difficult to make time to be.

* Finally, anything related to ARM architecture support, since that's
most directly related to my Tegra maintainership responsibilities.


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