[Ksummit-2012-discuss] [ATTEND] Complex dependencies in device model

Grant Likely grant.likely at secretlab.ca
Tue Jun 19 18:43:00 UTC 2012

As per this year's process, I'm available and interested in attending ksummit.

Expertise: Maintainer of SPI, GPIO, Device Tree and irqdomain
Proposals for discussion:
 - Complex dependencies between devices.  The simple tree hierarchy
   doesn't capture all the dependencies between devices (ie. separate
   GPIO signals or I2S audio channels), and systems are getting more
   complex in this regard, not less.  For power management this is
   particularly problematic since Linux essentially has to guess about
   what order to PM devices in.  I'd like a breakout session to review
   and brainstorm the device mode.
 - Breakout session on firmware provided data: ACPI and FDT.  Is it
   feasible/possible to use similar bindings and support code for
   both?  Vendors are pushing for ACPI on ARM; do we really need it?


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