[Ksummit-2012-discuss] [ATTEND] Process issues, device model, stable

Rafael J. Wysocki rjw at sisk.pl
Mon Jun 18 20:49:46 UTC 2012

On Sunday, June 17, 2012, Mark Brown wrote:
> I'd like to attend kernel summit this year.  I can bring some fairly
> broad based embedded experience as both a contributor and a maintainer,
> mostly from bits of the system off the main SoC.  I can also offer the
> perspective of a chip vendor in the consumer electronics space, covering
> things like our experiences with upstream and also the experience of
> working with our direct users, both in terms of their needs and in terms
> of advocating upstream approaches to them.
> The main issues that I care about are:
>  - General process and tooling issues, especially around the things that
>    come up in the embedded area where there's a bunch of things like
>    like lots of cross tree dependencies which seem to be driving new
>    processes like the arm-soc ones with dependency branches.  Do we want
>    to roll these things out more broadly?
>    There are (as ever) a bunch of pain points at all levels, not that
>    I've got any particularly bright ideas about most of them.
>  - Dealing with mapping actual hardware interrelationships onto the
>    device model, deferred probing covers a lot of the current pain
>    points but there's other issues like bus bandwith management coming
>    up and I've been noticing that different arches and SoCs have been
>    taking slightly different approaches to how they use some of the
>    generic APIs like runtime PM.

I think that covers the PM dependencies topic mentioned in my post, so I'm
definitely interested in it.


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