[Ksummit-2012-discuss] [ATTEND] writeback and kernel testing

Guenter Roeck linux at roeck-us.net
Sun Jun 17 01:42:32 UTC 2012

On Sat, Jun 16, 2012 at 06:29:49PM -0700, H. Peter Anvin wrote:
> On 06/16/2012 06:18 PM, Guenter Roeck wrote:
> > On Sat, Jun 16, 2012 at 10:50:41PM +0800, Fengguang Wu wrote:
> > [ ... ]
> >>
> >> Yeah, that should be a pretty common impression. The hardware
> >> capability and the fruit of catching one bug per day turns out to be
> >> much higher than my expectation :-)
> >>
> > How many servers do you actually need to compile 25k kernels per day ?
> > With my little system (i7-2600, SSD) I get about 1,000 randconfig kernel builds
> > per 24 hours, so it should not be too many.
> > 
> It would be nice to have a "kernel testing appliance" -- rather than a
> bunch of people writing similar stuff have something that anyone with
> spare hardware can put on a system.  Bonus points if it actually can
> drive a physical test box, too.  I think tglx was working on something
> like that at one point; Ingo has a setup like that but it is apparently
> extremely ad hoc.
I definitely agree; I would love to have such a system available, and would love
even more to be able to connect my various evaluation and test boards to it.
That seems to be a bit of a dream, though. Keep in mind that at least some of us
have to pay for our test equipment ourselves.

My question was more based on a practical need or cause: Throughout my career
I have seen that it is quite difficult to convince senior company management
that investment in fast and automated development and test environment is a
good idea. I have the maybe futile hope that more data points can help me make
the cause.

Though I still remember the bean counters at a previous company: "If we let you
buy that system, and it makes your engineers perform 25% better, does that mean
we can lay off 25% or your engineers ?". Outch.


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