[Ksummit-2012-discuss] [ATTEND] depth of our git tree structure; HID subsystem; kernel bugzilla; stable review

Jiri Kosina jkosina at suse.cz
Fri Jun 15 21:32:23 UTC 2012

Hi everybody,

I'd like to attend Kernel Summit this year. Selection of the topics I'd 
consider worth discussing:

(1) HID subsystem, which I am happy to maintain, has grown from "feeding 
    data mechanically into input layer" in several aspects -- it can be 
    seen as a "leader" in multitouch in Linux these days, and we are 
    extending its coverage of transport protocols as well 
    (not only USB/Bluetooth, but expanding to to I2C, IIO, and userspace 
    transport drivers mostly because of Bluetooth-LE).
    Thus, as we are gaining "cross-subsystem" coverage, discussion with 
    affected subsystem maintainers would be welcome. If "general KS 
    public" is interested, I can of course give a "state of the union" 
    short overview presentation.

(2) This might be more question to Linus rather than discussion topic, but 
    still ... Time to time I have a gut feeling that our development 
    "tree structure" is not as deep as it could/should be, mostly because 
    many people are sending pull requests directly to Linus instead of 
    going through appropriate "upstream" trees.
    I'd like to know whether it's just me having this feeling, or there 
    are other maintainers sharing this. If the latter is the case,  
    discussion might be useful.

(3) Kernel bugzilla; do we really want it for general public bug reports? 
    For trees I am maintaining, I very much prefer all bug reports and 
    patch reviews/discussions to happen via e-mail; consequently, I am 
    not very careful when it comes to reports received through 
    bugzilla.kernel.org, and tend to drop bugzilla-reported issues on the 
    floor silently. I understand that users/bug reporters might be 
    confused in which cases to prefer bugzilla over mailinglist (and vice 
    versa), so it'd be nice to actually try to improve the situation 

(4) I am a responsible maintainer of kernels for all SUSE enterprise 
    products. As such, I am dealing with -stable trees on a regular 
    basis. It's sometimes difficult to decide about -stable tree merge 
    into our enterprise tree (depending on the development stage of the 
    enterprise kernel), due to the amount of changes it flows into 
    -stable. I'd like to understand whether all the patches are really 
    always necessary, and how can we help with review/filtering.

(5) If James is invited so that he can (in the order of several 
    magnitudes) increase the number of people in the group who 
    actually know how to dress for formal ocasions properly, I'd like to 
    pay my debt to him (I have promised to let him taste a really good 
    plum brandy, but the brain cell that was responsible for not 
    forgetting this died prematurely last year).


Jiri Kosina

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