[Ksummit-2008-discuss] DTrace

Matthew Wilcox matthew at wil.cx
Fri Jun 27 09:29:37 PDT 2008

On Fri, Jun 27, 2008 at 09:26:08AM -0700, Greg KH wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 27, 2008 at 09:50:18AM -0600, Matthew Wilcox wrote:
> > The ability to trace userspace programs is the key one for the postgres
> > people.  They get reports saying how long queries took to execute, which
> > tables were accessed, how long locks (postgres locks, that is, not
> > kernel ones) were held, cache hits, cache misses, etc.  It's _really_
> > useful for Postgres developers and admins.  And they only get it on
> > Solaris and MacOS, not Linux.
> Isn't this what oprofile on userspace programs is for?  Or am I totally
> mistaken here?

Sorry, 'cache' means something different to Postgres people; they don't
mean L2 cache, they mean hits on the gigabytes of tables cached in ram
instead of going out to disc.  This is all a lot more high level than
oprofile can handle (unless I don't know about some oprofile

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