[Ksummit-2008-discuss] Request for discussion on when to merge drivers

Jiri Kosina jkosina at suse.cz
Wed Jun 18 16:48:40 PDT 2008

On Wed, 18 Jun 2008, James Bottomley wrote:

> Arguably, I can do this by putting it into my upstream tree (which feeds
> into linux-next) the reason for not doing so is that Linus likes us to
> preserve history in there when we can.

This of course applies only for branches/trees for which there are 
downstream git users.

If the only reason you merge the driver into your tree is to have it 
propagated into linux-next, you could very well create a separate branch 
for it, and pull this branch into the one linux-next pulls from you (I 
guess you have a dedicated branch for linux-next which is safe to be 
rebased by definition, right?).

> If I need to pull the driver for a reroll it really screws the git 
> history

But not in any of the branches that have upstream git users.

Jiri Kosina

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