[Ksummit-2008-discuss] A suggestion for Linux 3.0

Greg KH greg at kroah.com
Sat Aug 30 15:10:48 PDT 2008

On Sat, Aug 30, 2008 at 01:21:21PM -0700, Arjan van de Ven wrote:
> Alan Cox wrote:
> > Having spent ages wading through old broken ISA drivers some of which
> > clearly have no users as they've not worked for years I want throw in
> > another proposal for the kernel summit
> > 
> > At some point soon we add all the old legacy ISA drivers (barring the odd
> > ones that turn up in embedded chipsets on LPC bus) into the
> > feature-removal list and declare an 'ISA death' flag day which we brand
> > 2.8 or 3.0 or something so everyone knows that we are having a single
> > clean 'throw out' of old junk.
> > 
> > It would also be a chance to throw out a whole pile of other "legacy"
> > things like ipt_tos, bzImage symlinks, ancient SCTP options, ancient
> > lmsensor support, V4L1 only driver stuff etc.
> I like the idea of at least discussing this, and for a bunch of people making a long
> list of what would go.
> Based on that whole list it becomes a value discussion/decision; is there enough of
> this to make it worth doing.
> adding to that potential list
> * OSS audio drivers
> * drivers/ide ? (with ISA gone the list gets small there anyway)
> * do we want to obsolete some obscure arches ?
> * old-ISDN (not mISDN)
> * gazillion exports that can go with the core going

With the "core going" where?

> * do we want to draw a line for userland support?
>    (binfmt_aout anyone?)

Can't we do all of the above today in our current model?  Or is it just
a marketing thing to bump to 3.0?  If so, should we just pick a release
and say, "here, 2.6.31 is the last 2.6 kernel and for the next 3 months
we are just going to rip things out and create 3.0"?

Or how do you all envision such an effort happening?


greg k-h

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