[Desktop_architects] Printing dialog and GNOME

Christian F.K. Schaller christian at fluendo.com
Thu Feb 15 02:49:25 PST 2007

Hi Linus,
Maybe you should actually try using GNOME for a Month or so instead of 
keep repeating your often wrong assumptions? 

GNOME offers a lot of customization options, but some of them requires
you for instance to get extra applications to easily get to. An often
used such add-on for power users is Devils Pie:

But there are many more such add-ons available and of course a lot of
things a power user can tweak using gconf-editor. 

If you are up for a challenge why don't you use GNOME for a Month then
come and do a talk about your experience at this years GUADEC in
England? Could maybe be a good way to start a constructive dialog
instead of this useless mudslinging?


On Mon, 2007-02-12 at 07:54 -0800, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> On Mon, 12 Feb 2007, Marcos Pérez López wrote:
> > 
> > Yo también soy idiota. No se configurar la mayor parte de las opciones
> > del escritorio, y si he podido empezar a usar linux es porque Gnome me
> > lo facilitó.
> There is a _huge_ difference between "being easy to use" and "_only_ being 
> easy to use".
> "Being easy to use" is important, because it means that there isn't a very 
> high learning curve. That's _good_.
> "ONLY being easy to use" is bad, because it means that once the initial 
> learning curve is over, maybe you know the program, but you can't actually 
> do what you WANT to do. And that's *bad*. That's *really* bad. It's 
> actually much worse than being hard to use to begin with, in many ways.
> Game designers know about this. You don't want to make your games too 
> challenging, because if you do, people never get "into" them. But if you 
> don't give people challenges along with the game, and don't allow them to 
> "grow" with the game, the game sucks. It migth be as easy as making things 
> just "fall faster" (Tetris), or it might be giving the person new 
> capabilities ("bigger guns").
> Gnome people seem to think that once you "got into it", you never want to 
> do anything more. Not true.
> 		Linus
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