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Jeff Waugh jdub at perkypants.org
Tue Dec 13 17:37:14 PST 2005

<quote who="Linus Torvalds">

> Having strict UI rules ("The HID says so-and-so") that are really a
> religion that you're not allowed to question. The whole notion that things
> are supposed to be done just one way is antithetical to what makes open
> source successful in the first place.

The HIG is a guide for user interface construction, to encourage consistency
across applications written by multiple authors, and is the most complete
document of its kind in the Free Software world. It is in no way a religious
text. It is a living document that changes according to best practice, user
testing, research, etc.

If we didn't promote simple construction standards across our desktop, every
application would look, feel and work differently to everything else. That's
the kind of thing we want to encourage to make our user experience better. I
am convinced of the success of the HIG as a basic developer tool when I see
the beautiful integration of (even proprietary) applications such as VMWare.

> This, btw, is also why a "enterprise desktop" should never be allowed to
> drive development. It is, by definition, boring and same-old, same-old.

We write software for people who want to get laid. Some of them happen to
work for enterprises.

- Jeff

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