[RFC][PATCH] ns: Syscalls for better namespace sharing control.

Eric W. Biederman ebiederm at xmission.com
Mon Mar 8 00:32:49 PST 2010

I have take an snapshot of my development tree and placed it at.


>> I am going to explore a bit more.  Given that nsfd is using the same
>> permission checks as a proc file, I think I can just make it a proc
>> file.  Something like "/proc/<pid>/ns/net".  With a little luck that
>> won't suck too badly.
> Ah ! yes. Good idea.

It is a hair more code to use proc files but nothing worth counting.

Probably the biggest thing I am aware of right now in my development
tree is in getting uids to pass properly between unix domain sockets
I would up writing this cred_to_ucred function.

Serge can you take a look and check my logic, and do you have
any idea of where we should place something like pid_vnr but
for the uid namespace?

void cred_to_ucred(struct pid *pid, const struct cred *cred,
		   struct ucred *ucred)
	ucred->pid = pid_vnr(pid);
	ucred->uid = ucred->gid = -1;
	if (cred) {
		struct user_namespace *cred_ns = cred->user->user_ns;
		struct user_namespace *current_ns = current_user_ns();
		struct user_namespace *tmp;

		if (likely(cred_ns == current_ns)) {
			ucred->uid = cred->euid;
			ucred->gid = cred->egid;
		} else {
			/* Is cred in a child user namespace */
			tmp = cred_ns;
			do {
				tmp = tmp->creator->user_ns;
				if (tmp == current_ns) {
					ucred->uid = tmp->creator->uid;
					ucred->gid = overflowgid;
			} while (tmp != &init_user_ns);

			/* Is cred the creator of my user namespace,
			 * or the creator of one of it's parents?
			for( tmp = current_ns; tmp != &init_user_ns;
			     tmp = tmp->creator->user_ns) {
				if (cred->user == tmp->creator) {
					ucred->uid = 0;
					ucred->gid = 0;

			/* No user namespace relationship so no mapping */
			ucred->uid = overflowuid;
			ucred->gid = overflowgid;


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