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In keeping him upon his legs. I'm sure I never had a more fatiguing
march in the whole Peninsula, than that blessed mile and a half; but
every misfortune has an end at last, and it was four o'clock, striking
by the college clock, as we reached the barracks. After knocking a
couple of times, and giving the countersign, the sentry opened the small
wicket, and my heart actually leaped with joy that I had done with my
friend; so, I just called out the sergeant of the guard, and said, 'will
you put that poor fellow on the guard-bed till morning, for I found him
on the common, and he could neither find his way home nor tell me where
he lived.' 'And where is he?' said the sergeant. 'He's outside the gate
there,' said I, 'wet to the skin, and shaking as if he had the ague.'
'And is this him?' said the sergeant as we went outside. 'It is,' said
I, 'maybe you know him?' 'Maybe I've a guess,' said he, bursting into a
fit of laughing, that I thought he'd choke with. 'Well, sergeant,' said
I, 'I always took you for a humane man; but, if that's the way you treat
a fellow-creature in distress.' 'A fellow-creature,' said he, laughing
louder than before. 'Ay, a fellow-creature,' said I --for the sergeant
was an orangeman--'and if he differs from you in matters of religion,
sure he's your fellow-creature still.' 'Troth, Doctor, I think there's
another trifling difference betune us,' said he. 'Damn your politics,'
said I; 'never let them interfere with true humanity.' Wasn't I right,
Major? 'Take good care of him, and there's a half-a-crown for ye.' So
saying these words, I steered along by the barrack wall, and, after a
little groping about, got up stairs to my quarters, wh
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