containers development plans

Serge E. Hallyn serge at
Mon Jul 2 09:55:04 PDT 2007

We are trying to create a roadmap for the next year of
'container' development, to be reported to the upcoming kernel
summit.  Containers here is a bit of an ambiguous term, so we are
taking it to mean all of:

	1. namespaces
	2. process containers
	3. checkpoint/restart

Naturally we can't actually predict what will and won't be worked on,
let alone what will be going upstream.  But the following is a list
of features which it seems reasonable to think might be worked on
next year:

       1. completion of ongoing namespaces
               pid namespace
               net namespace
               ro bind mounts
       2. continuation with new namespaces
               devpts, console, and ttydrivers
               namespace management tools
	       namespace entering
       3. any additional work needed for virtual servers?
               i.e. in-kernel keyring usage for cross-usernamespace permissions, etc
       4. task containers functionality
               base features
               specific containers
                       poll to see who has plans
       5. checkpoint/restart
               memory c/r
                       (there are a few designs and prototypes)
                       (though this may be ironed out by then)
                       per-container swapfile?
               overall checkpoint strategy
                       in-kernel vs userspace-driven
               overall restart strategy

What more needs to be added to this list?

A list of the people we are currently aware of who are showing interest
in these features follows.  What I'd like to know is, from this list, do
some people know what general or specific areas they plan to or want to
work on over the next year?

	Eric Biederman
	osdl (Masahiko Takahashi?)

Who is missing from the list?


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