[cncf-toc] Google TOC Nomination: Brian Grant

Craig Mcluckie craigmcl at google.com
Thu Jan 7 18:55:15 UTC 2016

Brian Grant

Senior Staff Engineer, Google Corporation

briangrant at google.com

Google nominates Brian Grant as a member of the Cloud Native Computing
Foundation Technical Oversight Committee.

During the past two years Brian has acted as primary architect for the
Kubernetes project, responsible for defining the core domain model and API
design.  He has overseen work in nearly every facet of the project, and has
been responsible for the majority of standardization and consistency
efforts across Kubernetes.  In this role, he worked closely with the
broader open source contributor group to ensure that Kubernetes was a truly
open effort, and clear guidance and feedback to the community effectively
supporting a very broad base of committers (over 600).

Brian’s contributions to the Kubernetes were based on more than six years
experience in building the internet scale orchestration systems that run
Google’s businesses.  He acted as the technical lead on the Borg team
responsible for the system’s control plane and founded and acted as the
primary architect for Google’s Omega project,  the successor to Google’s
Borg orchestration system.

Prior to joining Google Brian was the chief architect at Peakstream and
built an HPC platform that was optimized for GPU and multi-core CPU
support.  Brian has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of
Washington, and completed his undergraduate degree in Computer Science at
Purdue University.

I strongly support Brian’s nomination to the Cloud Native Computing
Foundation technical oversight committee as someone who has had tremendous
impact in the burgeoning technology area through his work on Kubernetes.
Brian has also demonstrated the ability to engage and provide clear
technical guidance at scale to a large and vibrant open source ecosystem,
and has intimate experience in building and running mission critical cloud
native systems in one of the most demanding technical environments in the

-- Craig McLuckie

Google Corporation
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