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Hi Carolyn, That's the first time that question has been asked - and
it's a good one.  Along the line of your observations the two apps I
just checked, Thurderbird and OOo swriter have a default paste and a
specialized paste (unformatted in the case of Thunderbird and Paste
Special for swriter).  I'd have pasteText do the same as Ctrl+V.  If
there is a demand for it we can go to IAccessibleEditableText2 and
either change pasteText to add the additional parameter or add a
pasteSpecial method.


Carolyn MacLeod wrote:
> The spec for IAccessibleEditableText::pasteText(offset) says:
> "Pastes text from the clipboard. The text in the system clipboard is
> pasted into the text represented by this object at the given index. ...".
> I notice that the word "text" appears to be used very specifically.
> So, since the contents of the clipboard can be in multiple formats at
> once (plain text, RTF, HTML, etc), does the specific use of the word
> "text" mean that "plain text" format is to be used?
> It actually seems that the spec should probably really be:
> IAccessibleEditableText::pasteText(offset, format) to allow for
> different clipboard formats.
> This would allow AT to simulate the typical "Paste Special..." menu
> item, where the user chooses the desired clipboard format to paste.
> Note that Edit->Paste (Ctrl+V) lets the application choose which
> format to paste when there are multiple formats on the clipboard.
> And most applications will NOT choose "plain text" by default.
> Typically, they choose more complicated formats, like RTF, that
> contain attribute information.
> So IAccessibleEditableText::pasteText may seem (to the user) to do
> something quite random by choosing to only paste plain text.
> It would seem error-prone to expect the AT to parse out the attribute
> information from the clipboard's RTF content and use
> IAccessibleEditableText::setAttributes after pasteText.
> What format is currently expected for
> IAccessibleEditableText::pasteText(offset) ?
> Carolyn
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