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Gregory J. Rosmaita oedipus at hicom.net
Mon Nov 15 11:56:56 PST 2010

apologies for the inadvertant premature sending of my reply to
david's post on IA2_ROLE_NOTE -- the perils of using a forms
based web mail client to compose email, where each space or
enter has a 25 percent chance of being interpretted as a 
"submit form" command

aloha, david!

actually, i'd argue that the problem is that the concept "note" is 
insufficient for all use cases:

1. there needs to be a means to distinguish between explanatory notes
and referential notes, both of which are be "embedded note[s] which 
[are] not visible until activated"

2. there needs to be a means to convey within semantically demarcated
quoted text, that a string of text added to contextualize the quote
is not part of the original quote, but disambiguation text:

<q>He [Robert E. Lee] was hamstrung by his [J.E.B. Stuart's] absence 
efrom the battlefield for the first two days of fighting, depriving 
him [Lee] of the up-to-date intelligence the calvary ordinarily 

3. "A section that provides complementary information" is what 
aria-role="complementary" does, and its closest analogue in HTML5
is the ASIDE element


which is also a container for content that enhances the main content
of the page, but which skipping does NOT compromise the integrity of
the main content, such as sidebars and the media-wiki default DIV 

what is there to satisfy 1, 2 or 3?  IA2_ROLE_NOTE can't be all there
is -- can it?

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> Hi.
> I think this is the current description of the note role:
> "An embedded note which is not visible until activated"
> I wonder if we could change it to:
> "A section that provides complementary information"
> This would make it reusable for things like html:aside elements 
> and aria role="note". Thoughts?
> Cheers,
> David
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