[Accessibility-ia2] IAccessibleHypertext should allow to get hyperlinks and their offsets all together

Alexander Surkov surkov.alexander at gmail.com
Sun Apr 18 20:58:47 PDT 2010


IAccessibleHypertext is not performant way in Firefox to get all
hyperlinks and their offsets for the hypertext accessible. Hyperlinks
and their offset could be cached within hypertext accessible but it's
might be a pain to keep the cache updated and it might be not quick
since we need to update the cache whenever the characters of child
text node or child nodes are inserted/deleted. Could we consider a
method allowing to get all hyperlinks and their hypertext offsets all
together? For example,

HRESULT hyperLinks ([out, size_is( ,nLinkCount, )] IUnknown ***links,
                                     [out, size_is( ,nLinkCount, )]
long **linkIndexes,
                                     [out, retval] long *nLinkCount)

This method should be much quicker when web site contains huge amount
of links and it should be friendly to out-of-process screen readers.

Also we could return an array of pairs (link, linkIndex) if this looks
more nice than two arrays.

Thank you.

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