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Michael Curran michaeldamiencurran at gmail.com
Tue Jan 20 23:55:25 PST 2009

Hi Pete,

The main reason is that Gecko uses embedded objects everywhere. e.g. 
embedded object characters are used to represent all the paragraphs in a 
document, the links in a paragraph, the paragraphs in a table cell etc. 
So it is very clear about the order of things. You move a long the text 
inside an object, but always drop inside any embedded objects. If you 
can't move anymore inside an object, come up out of it, and continue on 
from where its embedded object character was.

As OO and Symphony do not use embeddeed objects all the time, it is 
probably faster to jump with flows to / from to move between objects. 
Though now having thought about this a bit more, using indexInParent all 
the way up to the document is probably no slower than coming out of 
embedded objects all the way to the document... so, I will actually have 
to think about this.

To be honest, NVDA still does not have very good rich text editing 
support in documents made of hyerarchical objects.  We plan to work on 
this this year.


On 21/01/2009 3:08 PM, Pete Brunet wrote:
> Although OOo v3 is using flows from/to to tie all the text and 
> non-text objects together I assume FF is not doing this and I assume 
> this is not an issue.  Why is lack of flows from/to an issue for OOo 
> but not for FF?
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