[Accessibility-ia2] lists of subattributes

James Teh jamie at jantrid.net
Wed Sep 10 14:21:18 PDT 2008

Pete Brunet wrote:
> For the text attributes spec I am documenting that there needs to be a
> trailing semicolon at the end of the list (upon request from the IA2
> community. However for lists of subattributes my inclination is to
> specify that there should not be a trailing comma. What are your throughts?
I realised this some time after we discussed having the trailing 
semicolon. In terms of parsing, having the trailing delimiter is easier 
because the delimiter always signals the end of an element, but in this 
case, it does look rather strange to have the comma before the 
semicolon. In other words, I'm inclined to agree with your inclination.

The parsing code is still a lot simpler if we assume that the trailing 
semicolon will always be present, as it signifies the end of the current 
attribute and all subattributes thereof.


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