[Accessibility-ia2] registering a proxy dll

Steve Lee steve at fullmeasure.co.uk
Wed Mar 19 07:36:37 PDT 2008

>  I do strongly believe it is important for ATs such as NVDA to be able to
>  access IAccessible2 applications (such as Firefox3) even if  NVDA is run
>  off a USB key. Blind and vision impaired people are wanting a truely
>  portable screen reader more and more, so they can simply go up to any
>  computer (whether it be at a university or a friend's house or perhaps a
>  net cafe, and wack in their USB key and be able to use the system). NVDA
>  is fully portable except for IAcessible2 support.

I agree.
Don't you just love the registry and COM ;-)

>  I think this is an issue we need to talk about in great detail.

It's hairy.

>  What are peoples thoughts on this issue?
>  Does anyone know of any ways we can improve the code, or completely
>  remove the need for the application having to setup IA2 in its own process?

I'm *really* rusty on this but as you point out cross apartment calls
require marshalling (it assumed it could be across a network) and so
both sides need to know the rules. That's either done automatically
via the registry, the way you have or the very low level IMarshal.

You might be able loose the DLL if you use the files created from
MIDL. But then you have to use them on both side too :-( That's a
build time dependency rather than run time so that has pros and cons
as the 2 sides are built separately.

Sorry, that's really not any help....

I did find this when trying to remind myself.

Good luck

Steve Lee
Open Source Assistive Technology Software

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