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Neil Soiffer Neils at dessci.com
Mon Jan 28 10:58:22 PST 2008

Here are my comments on the draft:

In the intro, I think we need to say something about why MSAA and IA2 don't
solve the problem.  I know people who think the expert handler should be
part of IA2.  I propose a first paragraph in the intro along the lines of:

MSAA and IA2 provide access to an application's DOM.  This allows AT to
> access allow the information in the DOM.  These standards provide access =
> textual information, images, and also markup that encodes information that
> might be domain or application specific. Interpreting, displaying, and
> navigating the information is the responsibility of the AT; the
> responsibility of MSAA and IA2 is to provide AT access to the information.

To match this, I would change the existing first line to be

AT typically handles generalized content markup (such as
> Generalized markup is sometimes complimented by markup specifications that
> facilitate more semantically precise content markup.

Should "expert handler" be capitalized?

 in liue -> in lieu

I think "Context aware" is supposed to be hyphenated.

"e.g. a browser, the AT, and the plugin/handler" -> "e.g. a browser, the AT,
and the expert handler"

"a handler needs to be used by the AT" -> "an expert handler needs to be
used by the AT"

extra spaces before after bulleted list in Navigability Use Cases?

"The most obvious use of magnification" -> "A common use of magnification"

"There will also need to be a method" -> "There also needs to be a method"

"An example is MathML<http://www.linux-foundation.org/en/Accessibility/Hand=
there are many different braille codes" -> "An example is mathematics: there
are many different braille codes"

Doesn't make sense:

> An Expert Handler should also provide a means to allow a user to select a
> different type of braille conversion than that which is normally utilized=
> a user's refreshable braille display or a tactile graphic achieved via
> embossing or thermal printing.

Perhaps break into two sentences and make the second sentence list
alternative conversions (embossing, thermal printing).

"Another more universal approach" -> "A more universal approach"

"and needs tactilely displayed" -> "and needs to be tactilely displayed"

"This means, that..." -> "This means that..."

I'm sure I missed some things, but I wanted to leave something for others to

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