[Accessibility-handlers] Our Use Cases Additions

Janina Sajka janina at a11y.org
Mon Jan 21 10:50:32 PST 2008

Two points vis a vis our document:

1.)	In December we agreed to delineate between speech out (TTS) and
speech in. We should consider this on the call today.

2.)	I have a long standing action item to suggest language for
alternative input requirements. My draft follows (at long last):

Alternative Input Use Cases

There are users with disabilities who do not require accomodation in order to read domain
specific markup. Rather, these users require assistive technologies to
facilitate their scrolling and/or editing of content. Highly effective
assistive technologies exist to accomodate alternative input strategies ranging
from speech recognition systems (such as XX), to mouse and keyboard alternative
systems (such as Gok), , and context aware word-prediction technologies
(such as Dasher).

Users of alternative input assistive technologies require two specific accomodations for scrolling and editing  domain specific content:

1.)	Context aware expedited scrolling and navigation. The Navigation Use Cases outlined in this document will serve this requirement.

2.)	Knowledge domain context aware command and content vocabulary for speech based navigation systems and for word-prediction systems.


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