[Accessibility-atspi] Announce: AT-SPI2 0.1.6 released.

Mark Doffman mark.doffman at codethink.co.uk
Mon Feb 8 20:13:36 PST 2010

AT-SPI2 0.1.6 is now available for download at:



A list of work required before the a full release can be found at:


This release is intended to be installed on a system where the CORBA
version of at-spi is already present. Gtk and python modules will be
re-located to non-standard directories on install so as not to conflict
with the AT-SPI CORBA modules. To disable this re-location configure
with the '--disable-relocate' option.

What's changed in AT-SPI2 0.1.6

          * Fix orca performance issues & properly update the cache.

          * Enable re-entrancy.

          * Make AT-SPI Corba the default install and allow for
            re-location of the pyatspi library.

          * Temporarily disable install of the accessibility bus.

          * Make the registry implement the accessible interface and
            add a socket interface for adding children to its 
            accessible object.

          * Plug/socket fixes, and remove conditional
            Always enable plug/socket code.  Bump atk requirement 
            to 1.29.3 accordingly.
            Fix cases where we were omitting the parent of a plug 
            if it was unknown.

          * The StreamableContent interface is not currently supported.
            Stop indicating that it is in the list of interfaces.

          * Modify the paths scheme.
            The null path now signifies no object. A new root path
            has been added representing the root accessible for a
            given connection.

          * Change the keystroke delivery method re-entrancy from
            looping over the bus to entering a g_main_loop.

          * Increase the lease time to rectify errors seen during orca  

          * Make AT-SPI Corba the default install. Relocate AT-SPI2 by

What is AT-SPI2

AT-SPI2 is a D-Bus based accessibility framework. It defines a D-Bus
protocol for providing and accessing application accessibility
information. The project includes a library for bridging the D-Bus
protocol to the ATK API, allowing Gtk based applications to be made
accessible. It also contains a client (AT) side library in Python.

Where can I get more information about AT-SPI2

The project wiki is available at:


A page detailing the project plan can be found at:


How can I contribute to AT-SPI2?

We are actively seeking contributors to help us make this the standard
a11y framework for Gnome. We need help testing with Gnome accessibility
technologies, and are especially looking for someone to create client
bindings in 'C' that meet the cspi API.

IRC   : 'a11y' on Gimpnet
E-Mail: accessibility-atspi at lists.linux-foundation.org

Development repositories can be found at:


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